Tuesday, 20 November 2012

SINOMOULD – The Most Experienced IML Mould Manufacturer in China

IML is the abbreviation for IN MOULD LABELING. This is a technology to realize making label around the product inside of the mould. The advantage of IML Mould is the label can keep the color and remain on the product for a long time. As we know, normal label print on the product or stick on the product, the label will easy be crashed, and the color will be fade after sometime. So IML mould now is becoming more and more popular.

Sino Mould CO. Ltd is an IML mould manufacturer with more than 20 years experience. We have done various IML mould, for example IML mould for different kinds food containers, ice cream container, paint bucket, and hanger, mobile phone accessories, and storage containers.

Thin wall container mould is the most IML mould we have done. And it is also the most project customer inquired. In order to reach a higher quality for the thin wall container mould, we have done many adjustment and improvement to the mould structure

l  In order to realize the mould with longer mould life, the mould steel we are choosing is S136 imported from Sweden with HRC48-52. The inserts we are using is DIN1.2344 with HRC42-45. All the accessories will be DME standard; the mould base will be LKM standard. This mould structure improved the mould life.
l  In order to improve the efficiency of production, we make the mould with more cavities. We can realize the cavity to 8 cavities. The best mould cooling design and the copper brilliant used for the core part of the container making the cycle time lower. In this way, the production efficiency improved rapidly.
l  In order to reduce the cost of the raw material for customer, we can make the plastic design of wall thickness reduce less than 0.5mm.
l  In order to improve the quality of the plastic product, we have imported high precision CNC milling machines and examination machine from Italy and Japan. The precision can be controlled within 0.01mm by high precision CNC milling machines. And every part of the mould will take to the examination department for dimension examination. If the dimension is not reaching Sino standard, we will remake this part.

Except IML mould, we can also supply our customer one system for IML, including high speed injection machine, robot and different kind’s auxiliary machines.

For the high speed injection machine SINO-PM5H is manufactured by our machine research and development department. This machine consist five advantages

l  High precision
Using high precision aircraft grade Moog servo valve and advanced Kebab electric control, ensure precision injection screw position and product with high precision and good repeatability

l  High rigidity
Clamp system after FEA, mould clamp plate with low deformation, keep mould with high precision, and ensure high speed and stable clamp

l  High efficiency
Raw material charging, mould opening and ejector at the same time, it can short cycle time around 40%.

l  Energy saving
Raw materials charging adopt servo motor; it saves energy and controls the position precisely. It can save 30%-80% power.

l  High response
Accumulator as injection power source, with high precision Moog servo valve and low inertia ejector structure, the responsible time can reach 30ms.

l  Good plasticizing capacity
 Screw L/D=24~26, and screw with double thread + mixing, making the material mixing fully.

l  High security
 With fully closed machine door, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical triple protection

The robots for IML mould have the following characteristics:

l  High efficiency
l  High response
l  High steady
l  High accuracy

Sino Mould CO. Ltd offers you not only a high quality IML mould, but also one IML molding system and satisfied service.


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