Saturday, 27 October 2012

How to Choose the Best Injection Mold Makers

With plastic product widely used, injection mold industry developed at the same time. There are many injection mold makers in China. But how to choose a good injection mold maker is the important question for injection mold buyer?

Price is a very important and first factor most customer will consider when choosing the mold maker. But as our experience, good quality mould usually can create more profits for Customer.

The quality consist of: good plastic and mould design, good material for the mould, good tooling, examination, good sales service and after sales service and so on.

Nowadays, the mould tooling is mostly done by machine, so the machine accuracy will affect the mould quality directly. Sino Mould is the famous plastic injection mold makers located in Huangyan city, Zhejiang province China.

As a best injection mold makers in China, We have more than 21 sets CNC tooling machine from small size to bit size. Including three sets high precision CNC milling center from Italy, two sets high precision CNC milling center from German, two sets five axis high speed CNC milling center from Italy. There are, more than ten sets gun drilling machines, These equipment provide a strong tooling background..

Except these comprehensive equipments, a good injection mold making Company also should have a very high qualified team. Sino Mould as the best injection mold makers attracts the talented people from different city of China. In order to consist a good team and keep the praise of being best injection mold makers in China, Our human resource department take part in the job hunting fair in different province to choose the best qualified employees. From the people for sales department, designer for plastic design department, mould designer for mould design department, project manager for project department, examination manger for examination department, mould processing control department, mould maker team and employee for other each department.

Our mould design department keeps in mind of the philosophy to design the mould with high performance, make the best cooling and make sure the least cycle time. Also the mould should be easy for repairing. We will consider using insert structure for the mould, so customer can easy to amend the mould if customer meets some problem after mould running for a very long time. Even we can realize the fixing the mould on the injection machine, do not need to take the plastic down from the injection machine. As we understand, time is the money for customer. Sino Mould is the best injection mold makers in China, Every team in the company are excellent. Our project department will follow the order from the first time order played. Project manager will responsible for the plastic design arrangement, mould design arrangement, mould tooling process. And the project manager will watch on the project, if there is any mistake, they will find and correct. We believe as good injection mold makers we have good team with our good equipments, we can provide our customer the perfect plastic injection mould.

We persist the high quality, good service and responsibility as we believe quality the only and best way to completive and win the good reputation from our customer.  Welcome you down visit our company which is one of the best injection mold making Company in China, we have confident you will satisfied with our mould and service.


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Price is not matter but on good quality,now the plastic engineer use new technology for re-molding the old one is nice for meeting all requirements of customers.

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