Saturday, 27 October 2012

SINO MOULD: A famous China Mold Supplier Company

In recent years, the China mold supplier in the world of mould industry plays a more and more important role. With the development of China, and the development of China plastic mould industry, more and more plastic mold, plastic product buyers choose to buy the competitive plastic moulds and plastic products from China. Now China has become the world plastic mold production base, there also appeared tens of thousands of China mold supplier.

Due to China mold supplier in recent ten years’ efforts, the mold structure and service capacity has continued to optimize. At present, large, precision, complex, long life of mould and mould standard parts have accounted for 50% of the share, the proportion of plastic injection mold and die casting mould also has continuously improved. During the year 2005 to 2011 period, the year growth of China plastic mold production has reached 9.7%, the sales growth has reached 12.6% (the data from the «global and China mold industry research report »). 

Today, China mold supplier generally concentrated in the Pearl River delta, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Hebei and Tianjin, the four areas. In the year of 2011, according to the statistics, the mould production in Hebei has reached 4.777 million sets, the output value reached 5 billion yuan, auto mould is the main part of the output. And Zhejiang is considered to be the most cost-effective export-oriented chinese mould supplier producing area, welcomed by the international plastic mould buyers.

2012 is a tense situation year, affected by the world economic environment, most of the export-oriented China mold suppliers are facing a number of crisis. In these crisis, only a part of Chinese small and medium-sized mould suppliers suffered from the shock, then collapse. There are also some China mold supplier has changed the working direction and do the transformation in these crisis.

The development prospect of China mold supplier is still good. Some American and European enterprises also started to aim at China market as opportunity for the world mould factories, they began to layout China mold market. Such as: NYPRO, ADVAL TECH, HELLA, PERLOS.

SINO MOULD, as a famous China mold supplier, during 2005 to 2011, from a small mould production workshop rapidly develop into a large mold supplier. Transverse, Sino Company established several subsidiaries.

l  Sino Mould Co., Ltd which is dedicated in manufacturing various kinds of plastic injection moulds with high quality.
l  Sino Pipe Fitting Mould Co., Ltd which is specialized in producing vairous pipe fitting moulds, such as PVC, PPR, PP, PE pipe fitting moulds.
l  Sino Package Mould Co., Ltd which is specialized in offering customer multi-cavity PET preform moulds, cap/closure moulds, PET blowing moulds and so on.
l  Sino Auto Mould Co., Ltd which is dedicated to develop automative industry’s plastic mould.
l  Sino Electronic Co., Ltd.
l  Sino Anole Injection Moulding Technology & Service Co., Ltd which is a Sino-portugal joint venture company. It focuses on high technologial and modernized hot runner system and hydraulic system.
l  Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd which is expericed in plastic injection molding machines, such like high speed injection molding machine, two-color injection molding machine, PET injection machine, etc.
l  SINOPM,fully high speed injection machinery

Longitudinal, Sino company opened up the high precision designed market, set up agency marketing system. In 2012, when facing economic tightening situation, Sino Mould still achieved the growth of 30% - 50% in two consecutive seasons.

As a mature and professional China mold supplier, we need to grasp the market trends, constantly improve and change the working direction, so that we can have a share in the world plastic mould filed.


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