Friday, 26 October 2012

SINO MOULD Company: the world famous Chinese Plastic Mould Manufacturer

In recent years, China mould industry is growing at a rapid pace, which is the basic technical equipment and people will pay more and more attention and concern. There are four points to cause of the China mould development:

Firstly, In our daily life, the field of electronics, automotive, electrical, packaging, fittings, instruments, household appliance, communications productions and so on, 60-80% components will rely on the mould forming, extensive used that is due to the mould parts with more large-scale and high production efficiency requirements, therefore, with the development of the market, plastic new materials and various forming method will constantly development and the mould requirements must be higher and higher.

Secondly, With China’s accession to the WTO, relevant government plays a very important role for China mould development, meanwhile, China mould industry after many years of growth and accumulated much valuable technical experience and professional talents, so mould export prospects of getting better and it will have a brighter future!

Thirdly, China mould technology is constantly improving, because we will import many high precision tooling equipments from Europe and Japan. And most of companies have strong R & D department and can make moulds as the international DME standard. For example, SINO MOULD company is the world famous Chinese plastic mould manufacturer in southeast of China, which is founded in 1992 and located in Huangyan city, the Chinese mould town. Every year our main mould production base and more than 25% of the high speed development. Either the tooling machine or service, we can make the moulds as the customer’s special requirement to give them a complete and perfect solution. 

Fifth, China’s cheap labor cost are still become mould industry development advantage, according to the related research department survey that China mould design and production cost is only 90% of the European cost. So it is very attractive for most foreign country clients, more and more clients from all over the world to visit and talk about the mould order. With our very top quality conception and responsibility to offer customers the best solution all the time, so we always to get customers improvement and keep a good cooperative relation, complete the order again and again.

In the informationization to promote industrialization development today, we have seen the results, at the same time, to seize the opportunity, in the future plastic mould both variety structure performance or processing all will have the rapid development,  and it must keep up with the pace of time and then face to the international market. Looking to the future, the following several aspects development trend is expected to get faster application and promoted. 

·         Large, precision, long life efficient mould will be developed.
·         A variety of material, a variety of color, multilayer multi-cavity molding method, a variety of the integration of the mould will be developed.
·         For all kinds of rapid economic mold, especially the rapid prototyping technology and the combination of RP/RT technology will get rapid development.
·         Mold design, processing and various management will digitization, information development and network development direction
·         The more high speed, higher precision, more wisdom turn of all kinds of mould processing equipment will get further development and application.
·         All kinds of die cavity surface treatment technologies, such as coating, repair, grinding and polishing and other new technology will continue to develop.
·         Reverse engineering and concurrent engineering, compound machining and virtual technology will be further developed.
·         Hot runner technology will develop rapidly; the auxiliary and other injection molding technology will be developed.
·         Mould standardization degree will continue to improve.

Above all, In the future, from the mould structure design, material selection, manufacturing technology, mould repair and recycled, it will pay more and more attention to save resources, reuse,  environmental protection all points  are the key developing direction.


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