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SINO HOLDINGS GROUP: The Custom Mould Manufacturer with Reasonable Price

The competition in plastic mould field has daily increased, if you want to win this competition, you must have your own style product, have a reasonable structure with the competitive price. When purchasing the existing products can’t reach your requirements, you should begin to have your own design products, custom mold for your requirements.

In fact, it’s not a difficult thing, if you want to have your own style product. Only purchase the existing plastic product from the plastic product manufactory, you may out of date. You can try to follow the popular trend-custom mold.

Custom mold is something like the shoes custom and suits custom, is according to your requirements combine with the mould makers’ experience and technology to make you satisfied. Many customers have the confusion of how to find a professional custom mould maker to produce custom mould.

About custom mold, you may have some misunderstandings:

Custom mold is not only mould manufacturing/open mould? If you consider custom mold just means simple mould manufacturing, then you must not really benefit from the better effects given by custom mould.

So what is Custom Mold?

It is a professional custom mold company offer you the mould and service according to you product requirements, product function, product features, production way, the conditions you have, the popular trend of the market and other factors, then provide you turnkey solution and competition price. The professional custom mold manufacturer offers you not only a mould but also technical supports and best plastic injection molding service. Such as the project planning, the product selection and product design, the product optimization and improvement, custom mold with reasonable price, and so on.

If you are a new comer in mould field, have no professional knowledge. Is it available to custom mold?

Usually, people think custom mold is more complicate than usual you buy the product or mould, because you are worried about you can’t express your requirement correctly, the custom mould company can’t give you the results what you want. In view of these two doubts. You can choose a better custom mould manufacturer according to the following points:

  • The custom mould manufacturer should have more than 15 years’ experience in mould field.
  • The custom mould manufacturer should have R&D department to offer you both product and mould design.
  • The custom mould manufacturer should have a professional team or sales engineer have the patience to answer all of your questions and provide you a turnkey solution.
  • The custom mould manufacturer should know the current situation or condition of your company before the mold pricing and design.
  • The custom mould manufacturer should have the ability of mould design and also have much experience in injection molding machine and injection molding.
  • The custom mould manufacturer should provide you a design plan which is easy to understand and comprehensive.
  • The custom mould manufacturer should have the custom mold experience.

Here I want to show you a custom mold case.
The custom mould manufacturerSINO HOLDINGS GROUP
Country: Honduras
Project: build a syringe factory, syringe production line
Product: 1ml /2ml/5ml/10ml/20ml syringe
Production: 5-10 million/year

The plan of this project:

  • The plastic moulds:
  • 1ml /2ml/5ml/10ml/20ml barrel mould, plunger mould, gasket mould, needle cap mould, hub mould.
  • The plastic injection molding machine: DKM 138 servo machine, DKM 188 servo machine.
  • The plastic injection related auxiliary machine: auto loader, hopper dryer, crusher, water chiller, mixer, cooling tower.
  • Other equipments: printing machine, syringe assembly machine, needle assembling machine, blister packing machine, packing molds, E.O gas sterilizer.
  • 5 The service for build the factory and technical supports.
  • Amount of the project investment: $700,000.00
  • Delivery time: 60 days after design validation.
  • Payment: 40% down payment by T/T, the balance will pay before the shipment.

Sino, the custom mould company offer you best service for the project consult, product and mould design, matching machine, the debug train for mould and machine, staff training in customer’s company, and provide long time technical supports.


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