Friday, 21 December 2012

The main factors need to be considered in making of good quality PET mould

PET mould has a long history on the world; there are several famous companies which have rich experience of PET preform mould and lead the PET preform mould industry, like Husky from Canada, Hasco from German…PET preform mould has become with more and more cavities to reach high production efficiency. Even Chinese preform mould start later than European countries, it has a rapid development in last few decades.
To achieve high quality PET moulds, Chinese PET preform mould makers do a lot of research and development. To make good quality PET preform mould, mould life, mould cycle time, mould injection stability are the main factors need to be considered.

How to make PET mould with long mould life?

First, Mould steel is one of the main factors of mould life. Preform mould steel must be durable with high hardness around HRC 48-52 to ensure the mould won’t be wear too much during production. And the mould steel must stainless and with good polish ability to ensure high transparent of PET preform. Generally, good Chinese mould maker will use Sweden Assab mould steel S136 to make mould core and cavity inserts. As for the mould base, it is important as well to ensure long mould life. LKM mould base is one of the famous standard mould bases, mould maker can use LKM mould base, some mould maker make the mould base them, to ensure the quality, and the mould base steel should no bad than P20.

Second, good mould design is another important factor to ensure long mould life.

Mould structure should be as simple as possible to make the mould easy running and easy to do maintenance. Good mould structure should with less part which will be damaged easily. As to PET mould, good cooling system is one of the most important factors to ensure long mould life and reach high quantity output. The water channel should with bigger diameter to let more water in and the water should go to cooling as much as surface near to the molding surface.

Third, hot runner system is a very important part to multi cavities PET mould molding.

Hot runner system is the main part which ensures the mold injection balance and stable. PET preform mould generally adapt valve gate, there are many heating parts is easily broken, many customers will buy many heating parts as spare parts. There are several world famous hot runner brands, like Husco hot runner, Husky hot runner, Synventive Hot runner, Yudo hot runner… of course, there are many Chinese hot runner brand developed, for example, Anole Hot runner, it is a branch company of Sino Holdings Group, Sino Package mould make preform mould with Anole Hot runner, it success to make the preform mould with 72 cavities. Now we have design preform mould with 96 cav and 128 cav, in near future, I think it will be successful to make into production.

After finish PET mould R&D, how to realize the mould, mould tooling is the important stage. Before, Chinese PET preform mould maker have good design, but their tooling facility cannot ensure the mould quality, so even they have good design, they cannot reach a high quality mould. Now in China, there is more and more advance and precision tooling equipments, many factories are able to buy world famous tooling equipments and the tooling tolerance can be controlled within 0.01 to 0.05mm, so Chinese PET moulds are improved day by day.

Besides the hardware, Chinese PET mould maker with more and more advance mentality, the scale of the factory is bigger and bigger, it can offer very well after sale service in time. Good after sale service help Chinese PET mould maker walk into world class. In near future, I believe Chinese PET preform mould will be the top of world PET preform mould.


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