Monday, 24 December 2012

SINO MOULD – A Professional plastic mold making company in Zhejiang

Chinese plastic molds are developing very fast in the last 10 years and become more and more famous in the world. Customers from foreign country are fond of buying Chinese plastic molds for the reason that Chinese molds are both outstanding in the mold quality and competitive price.

China famous plastic mold maker are distributed mainly over Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. Such like Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Taizhou, Jiangsu, etc. Represented by Ningbo and Taizhou, recently, mould industry is developing 15% to 20% per year. Totally, there are around 5,000 professional plastic mold making company in Zhejiang, among them, over 50% plastic molds makers are from Huangyan mould city in Taizhou.
Taizhou mainly plastic mold industry is focus on Huangyan city. However, when talked about plastic mold, Huangyan mould city is always been mentioned. Huangyan is a famous mold city with long molding history. Huangyan mould market is already has more than 20 years history.

SINO MOULD is the most famous and most experienced plastic mold maker in Huangyan mould city. SINO MOULD has a complete line of molding equipment in its factory , such like large quantity CNC milling machine , 5 axis high speed CNC milling machine from Italy , EDM machines from Japan , turn-lathe machine , grinding machine , deep hole drilling machine , 3 coordinates measuring machine , SINO also has its own inspection center. The entire needed plastic mold production machine are all in readiness in our factory, it extremely decrease the plastic mold production cycle time and the mould cost. That makes SINO MOULD has strong competitive ability in the mould market in China, also in the world mould market.

How to select a good plastic mold maker?

How to select a good plastic mold maker is a question confused most of the mould purchaser. Because there are so many plastic mold maker in China, and their scale, mould quality and price are various.

Personally, I regard a responsible plastic mold maker as a good plastic mold maker. Take SINO MOULD as a sample. SINO is regarding “Responsibility” as their core philosophy. Responsibility is one’s recognition, sensibility and belief. If a mould maker can have all this spirit, then they can do the job better than any other ordinary company.

A good plastic mold maker should have excellent engineer term. Mould design is the soul of a mould. Many plastic mold maker can’t making the mould very well is mostly because the un-reasonable mould design, and their engineers can’t shooting the trouble. Only excellent mould designer can design correct drawing, can find good solution for a difficult structure product. They will always considering more about not influence the product function. 

Company’s administrate is an important factor to the mould production. If a company do not have an impeccable administrate regulation, then do not place your orders there. Your mould production arrangement will be kind of mass. You are not going to get your mould in time.

Good plastic mold maker should have complete production equipment. If most of the mould production progresses need to be done by outside workshop, the delivery time will be longer.

However, SINO MOULD is a plastic mold maker who has high theory, perfect administrate regulation, strong design team with over 30% engineers, more than 150 sets production machine in its own factory that do not need any machining outside the factory. The delivery time and price is very competitive from SINO. SINO MOULD is already becomes a world leader plastic mold maker.


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Injection molding is a production process in which plastics are heated until liquid and sprayed into a mold where they cool and are given the final shape of the china.

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