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Advanced plastic Injection Moulding System

Plastic injection moulds develop day after day. Each time, on exhibition, we can see that all manufacturers will exhibitor their newest and most advanced mould technology to attract customers. K fair in German is one of the most famous plastic industry exhibitions, there are many famous plastic injection moulds manufacturer will attend the fair and display their newest and most advanced plastic injection moulds. Besides K fair, NPE in America, Italy Milano PLAST, Plastic Magen in Mexico, brazilplast, Canton fair and Chinaplast, they are all world famous plastic injection moulds industry exhibition where can learn a lot of advanced plastic injection moulds technology.

In recent years, gas assistant molding system and RHCM (Rapid Heat Cycle Molding) are top two advanced plastic injection moulds technology.

Gas assistant molding system

Gas assistant molding is a kind of new technology which brings the high pressure air into plastic molding parts to let the plastic product with hollow section. Compare to traditional plastic injection moulds molding, it can reduce the weight of the product; realize thick wall and thin wall at the same time. The product surface will be more beautiful than traditional mould, without shrink mark, deformation and other molding defects. This kind of molding technology is more and more widely used in commodity products plastic injection moulds, household appliances product plastic injection moulds.

Sino Mould after some years’ research and development, it succeeds on gas assistance molding technology on various kinds product, such as for plastic chair, plastic handle and so on. Below is the picture of our design of gas assistant chair for your reference.

Besides, injection machine and plastic injection mould, gas assistance equipments including Nitrogen Generator, pressure controller unit and air inlet parts.

RHCM (Rapid Heat Cycle Molding)

It is a kind of high speed and high temperature molding technology. Put some Glass Fiber into plastic raw material to get the plastic product with high hardness and reflective surface. RHCM can remove the molding defects like melt line and flow mark which will appear in traditional plastic molding.

RHCM use high steam to make the mould cavity surface to reach the plastic raw material distortion temperature. Mould with high temperature ensures the good flow of plastic raw material; it makes the material fast flow and filled. It can avoid material become solider. This kind technology realizes no cooling molding and product with high glossy appearance without molding defects like deformation, melt line, flow mark, sliver line. This kind of mould with short cycle time, reduce around 70% compare to traditional molding.

RHCM mould have its advantage, it also have some disadvantages

·         Mould steel will be easy crack - As there are a rapid transfer from high temperature to low temperature, so RHCM mould have high demands on mould steel, it must have good resistance to cold and hot fatigue. Once the steel is not good, it will be appearing very series problem, mould steel will be crack and it appears frequency.
·         Oil stain - As the mould temperature will be exceeding 130 , it will lead to liquid oil leakage; it will make a mark on product. This problem only can be solved by using slide lubrication.
·         Gate area will appear white mark - As RHCM molding material also with GF, GF has high hardness, it impacts gate area time by time, so after some time using, the mould will have the mark that lead to product become white on this area.

Even though, RHCM technology is not wisely used on market, but it will be a main technology in future as more and more customer require for high quality product, especially for outer parts. Nowadays, RHCM mould is mainly used in outer part product, like TV case and some automotive parts.


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