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Sino Mould is the world’s leading plastic molds manufacturer in China

Plastic molds type

Plastic molds includes die-casting molds, stamping die moulds, extrusion blowing moulds, blowing molds, thermal forming molds, thermoset molds, hollow moulds , and injection molds, etc.

Sino Mould is the world’s leading plastic molds manufacturer in China. We are specialized in making various kinds of plastic injection molds with 20 years injection molding experience, and already gains good reputation from the world-wide customers.

Plastic Injection molds mainly include two plate mold and three plate mold. When classification by the product function, plastic molds can be classified to commodity molds, packaging molds, auto part molds industry use plastic molds, home appliance part molds, medical use molds, bi injection mould, gas assisted moulds, stacking moulds, baby use mould, etc. In details, it consist of IML moulds, thin wall moulds, bucket molds, crate moulds, basket molds, food container molds, cleaning tool moulds, perform moulds, syringe mould, chair moulds, pallet mould, bin mould, bumper mould , etc.

Plastic molds basic structure

Plastic molds structure main consist of molding injection system, cooling system, ejector system, return system, hydraulic system, heating system, hot runner system, etc. In other words, plastic main parts are mould base, mould core, mould cavity, ejector parts and some spare parts. Such as, fixed clamp plate, moving clamp plate, support plate, ejector pin, stripper , location ring , nozzle, spare block , ejector plate, sprue bush , stop pin , etc.

Plastic molds production progress

When customer places their order in our company, we will have more than 15 employees working on this project. Sales engineer and project manager in charge of the project arrangement and checking the progress.

The first step is product drawing. The sample from customer will measured in our inspection center by three coordinate machines. Product designer design the drawing according to the sample and customer’s special requirement.

As soon as the product drawing confirmed by customer, we start the second step-- mould design. Mould designer will analysis the mold structure, such like point the position of most reasonable parting line, the location and configuration of water channel, etc.

When they finish the mould design, we will have a new mould meeting, and all the related engineers will attend the meeting. Sales engineer convey customer’s requirement on the mould to all of them, then we discuss the important point of this project. After the mould design checked by our chief engineers, and confirmed by the customer, we start the third step.

We buy the mould steel from the company who supply local steel and import steel. The mainly steel used for mould cavity and mould core is S136, DIN1.2311, DIN1.2738, 718H, DIN1.2344, H13, P20, etc. Different steel is used to different mould part. After received the steel, is CNC milling rough machining, heating treatment, EDM, wire cutting, turning-lathe, grinding, deep hole drilling, carving, fly-cutter, polishing, mould testing, texture, and mould assembling.

The last step is mould precision inspection. We have own inspection center in our company to make sure every part of the mould is qualified.

What is a qualified plastic molds?

As far as I know, a qualified plastic mold should be high precision, qualified mould should have long mould life under your correct maintain and operation. Simple mould structure is always better to the mould life. A good plastic is that can be working in long term period and do not need any big modification.

Sino Mould is a responsible plastic molds manufacturer; you can custom the best plastic molds from SINO.


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