Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Things to consider when choosing a good mold factory

China plastic molds market becoming popular in global molding field. More and more mold buyers over the world come to china looking for suitable plastic mold maker. Also more and more investors from different countries choose china to set new molding factory.  

There are many plastic molds factories in china, and most of them are concentrated in three area: Guangdong province, Zhejiang province Ningbo and Huangyan Taizhou. As recent year’s china mold factory and china mold plant rapidly increasing, then how to choose the suitable mold factory? How to find the mold factory that offers you required plastic molds china?

Each mold factory can say: We’re the best mold maker in China. We provide good quality plastic molds china. Is it true? Nobody knows, especially new plastic molds buyers or new flesh in plastic molding field.

A good mold factory, direct viewing, you should check how their tooling equipments. When you first time visit a mold factory, they are very new to you, and you have no idea about them. But you can see how their equipments. This is the most basic factor. Precision tooling equipments ensure high precision mould dimension, thus ensure you good quality plastic molds that you need. Such as Japan Sodick precision EDM, tooling tolerance can be 0.01mm; Sodick precision wire cutting machine can make it 0.005mm. Besides, Italy Fidia three axes high speed CNC, Switzerland Agie Charmilles wire cutting machine and EDM machine rank top.

Second, you may ask them how their technology is. Updated technology is the most important thing for a mold factory survives in today’s plastic molding field. New technology can attract more customers, if it also helps convenient in molding; I think nobody can refuse it. For example, vegetable plastic crate Turnkey molding is popular. To molds manufacturers, injecting cycle time and gram weight of plastic part are the most concerned item, because it directly infects investor’s return on investment. Sino Mould finds a solution to solve highly required output of vegetable crate part, and becomes the pioneer of four cavity crate mold manufacturer in China. With special mold system, cycle time of this four cavities crate mould can realize 23 seconds, making a great breakthrough in long time one cavity plastic crate molding. Also it wins SINO top ranks plastic molds china. 

To choose good plastic molds china, third, you may check their molding experience. Experience is another important item to a mold factory. Without any experience, molds buyers feel worried about the quality. Even in the manufacturing process, it will be somehow difficult for both sides understanding. You may check their product samples room, or if you’re an expert in plastic molding field, you may ask some related questions to check their abilities. 

The last, and also the most important item of choose good plastic molds china factory, is how they control delivery time of projects. Time is money, especially to molds buyers. As buyers need time to manufacture plastic parts before they have demands in market, otherwise you will miss the best time of selling. Buyers also will lose a lot. That is to say, if the mold factory takes too much time in mold manufacturing, it causes delay of the mold, thus mold buyer is not able to have it. Without the mold, buyers can not start manufacturing, and more delivery time delay, more economic benefit loses. Above all, time control of mold delivery plays an important role. Also it can be an important item to choose good quality plastic molds china factory.


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