Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Choose the best Supplier when purchasing Plastic Molds in China

Nowadays, China is one of the plastic mould production countries in the world, foreign customers to purchase the quantity of plastic mould from China is continue to increase. But when you purchase the plastic mould China, consider how to choose the best supplier in so many companies?
There are some points must be pay attention to:

·         The strength of the factory.  How many workshops and how many sets of import tooling machines from advanced country? for example: sodick precision EDM, sodick precision Wire cutting machines, fidia 5 axis milling center,  fidia 3 axis high speed CNC, Deep hole drilling machines and how big of the injection machine for mould testing?

·         The components of the department, do they have the R & D department?  How many design department and sales department?  Also tooling department, Quality control department and processing control department. 

·         Do know about the company’s culture, the management system and core philosophy, good company it will take their responsibility as one’s recognition, sensibility and belief toward oneself, others, family, society and the self-conscious attitude of related regulation abiding. For example, SINO MOULD Company’s core philosophy is Responsibility, every one work in SINO which has the top responsibility concept for our customer. As SINO people, we should keep the “responsibility” in mind; upgrade self-value, work together to make contribution to the society.

·         Team-work spirit, from the sales department – design department- tooling department- testing department- quality control department-ship department, so much work flow that must be a good and strict cooperation team, therefore, we have the confident to deliver the moulds to our clients in time.

·         Mould steel chooses each mould has the best cavity and core steel, neck screw steel and mould base. For example the PET perform mould, Sino Mould Company will use the Stavax S136 stainless steel for the cavity and core. 

·         New technical improvement, SINO technical and experience is constantly enrich, we have the rich experience for some high challenge moulds, for example, we made the high speed 4 cavities crate mould in 2006, it is the first 4 cavities crate mould successful made in the world. In Mould Labeling solution in 2008, the whole syringe line in 2009 and etc.

·         Certainly, the most important point is for every detail of the process control, we are from the different countries, it must put integrity first, because customers can not supervise every tooling process, but SINO MOULD will send buyer the mould tooling schedule and processing report with tooling pictures each 10 days. We will send the tryout samples for buyer checking and work out improvements requirement. before the delivery, SINO quality control department will made the strictly inspection, after we got the agreement for the testing sample from the customer, and then only get the inspection certificate from engineering department that the moulds can arrange the shipment, also we will send the mould operation instruction and some spare parts with moulds for shipping. Whether every process that cannot be ignores. 

·         After-sales service, it is very important for plastic molds China. But for SINO MOULD is very easy to realize, we will offer 24 hours repairing service, offer one year’s guarantee for whole machines, and also offer machine upgrading service.

Finally, the plastic mould can extensive used that due to the plastic mould can meet and solve the different needs, plastic mould China that we have the high level of mould rapid development, certainly, we can make the moulds as the DME & Hasco standard, if there is a chance, welcome to China to make a down visiting for us, we are sure that you must be very impressed and satisfied for us!


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