Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Leading Plastic Molds Manufacturer in China

Are you still looking for a leading manufacturer of plastic molds? Come to Sino. We are the famous plastic molds manufacturer in China. Since 1992 to now, we accumulate 20 years experience in plastic mold design and manufacturing. Now we are a specialized precision designer and manufacturer in plastic mould field. We offer you professional plastic molding service with custom molds design.

As a leading plastic molds manufacturer in China, we provide high quality moulds, timely delivery time, and best after sales service and reasonable price for the worldwide customers.

We import international advanced tooling machines. Such as CNC milling machine, Sodick precision EDM machine, wire cutting, lathe machine, pressing machine, etc. We have the quality management system: such as process management, dimension controlling, technology and skill training. We are ready to offer you high quality molds to reach your needs.

As a leading plastic molds manufacturer in China. We manufacturing and exporting of wide range of plastic moulds as following:

·           Package moulds: such as PET preform mould, cap mould, IML mould, test tube mould, etc.
·           Home appliance moulds: such as air conditioner mould, TV mould, washing machine mould, etc.
·           Automotive moulds: such as exterior trim parts mold, interior parts mould, cooling system mould, etc.
·           Pipe fitting mould: such as PVCPPR, PP pipe fitting mould.
·           Baby use mould: such as baby toy mould, baby bathtub mould.
·           Crate mouldwe can produce both folding crate mould and standard crate mould form 1 cavity to 4 cavities.
·           Bucket mould: such as pail mould, paint bucket mould, garbage bin mould, etc.
·           Furniture mould: chair mould, table mould, stool mould, etc.

As a leading plastic molds manufacturer in China. We also offer you plastic injection molding machines and plastic molding auxiliary machines; we help you to choose the most suitable machine for your manufacturing needs.

As the professional plastic molds manufacturer, we have our own R&D department to give you custom mould design, to save you designer cost. Just think, if you buy the molds and machines together from one company, you don’t need to worry about the matching problem, because we are professional plastic molds manufacturer, we offer you not only a mold, but a fine solution, before the shipment. We’ll put your plastic molds and machines work together, make them to the optimal state. Our molds automatic remolding system and easy machine operation to save your labor cost.

SINOMOULD has perfect production flow chart as following:

·         Work out product drawing.
·         Send the product drawing to customer for confirmation, then start the mould drawing.
·         After the mould drawing confirmation, then start to produce.
·         Mould base and components ordering and preparation.
·         Follow up the tooling process.
·         Mould 1st Testing (or 2nd Testing if necessary), offer the mold testing report and customer check the product dimension.
·         Send the testing sample to customer for confirmation.
·         Mould packing and shipment together with mould operation instruction, mould assembling drawing, spare parts list and mould quality certificate.

As a leading plastic molds manufacturer in China, we offer you best after sales service. Many customers may have such problem: After the mould shipped, the mold comes some problem in their factory, how to solve this problem?

We supply our customer not only a mould, but a fine solution. If the mould has problems, please inform us what the mold problem (to show us by photos). We will offer you the best way to solve the problems. If the problem still can’t solve, our engineer will come to your factory to solve the problems.

If you have any project for plastic molds, welcome to Sino to earn your designer and labor cost back.


HQ Mould said...

HQ Mould is a professional China Plastic Mould Manufacturer based in Zhejiang which offers high quality China mould and plastic injection moulds at an affordable price. It has very high reputation due to their high qualified products with fantastic design and excellent services.

smith skoai said...

Injection molding is a production process in which plastics are heated until liquid and sprayed into a mold where they cool and are given the final shape of the china.

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