Wednesday, 21 November 2012

SINOMOULD - Chinese Top Mold Making Company

As China had become the world factory, more and more overseas company and mold makers  are turning to China as an outsource for some of their injection molds. There are very real benefits to buying injection mold from China—competitive price, short delivery time and good after-sales service.

To choose a good mold making company is a very important thing for those companies outsourcing injection molds from China. A great mold making company has a very strict mold quality control system to ensure the mold quality. The molds are designed by talented mold designers who have decades experience in mold design. In a great mold making company, quality standards are strictly established and maintained.

Sino Mould Co., Ltd is located in China mold town Huangyan Taizhou Zhejiang province of China, where is enjoyed with convenient communication and transportation. It is near to Ningbo port and Shanghai. Sino Mould is a high-tech mold making company with experienced professional design work team, high precision mold tooling equipments, and experienced mold making team.

Chinese top mold making company Sino Mould is mainly engaged in the produce of precision mold, automobile part mold, pipe fitting mold, plastic package mold, etc. With a strong technology of mold making professional, it annually exports 1200 sets of injection molds widely used in home appliance, automobile parts, household products, bottle and jars, pipe fittings, etc.

A good mold making company should have strong design ability. Our strong design ability with advanced design software CAD/CATIA/CAE/PRO-E/SOLIDWORKS/UG provides our customer with service ranging from product design to mold structure design and a complete injection molding solution. We attach highly importance to the design processing, if we pay more attention to the design correction and accuracy can save a lot of cost and time for mold modification and improvement.

A great mold making company should have experienced engineers to follow up each projects, they play the role as a regulator in each project, and to offer solutions to perfect the mold structure and molding solution. We have a project follow-up team with 40 engineers to supervise 1200 sets of molds annually.

Mold making inspection department is the guarantee of mold dimension and molded product dimension. During the mold making process, we will measure the mold dimension and tolerance compared to the drawing to make sure the dimension is correct and will not affect molding. After the mold trial, we will send the sample to inspection department for dimension measuring.

Before shipment, Sino Mould Co. Ltd will do at least two hours production simulation to ensure the mold run fully automatically without problem in our customers’ factory. During the simulation production, we will record the injection parameters such as the mold temperature, injection temperature, cooling time, etc. Also we will take a video of simulation production and send it to our customer for reference when they get the mold into mass production.

After the mold trial samples approved by customer, we will do the mold shipment testing and inspection. Our QC department will test the mold hardness and cooling water testing, etc. Also we will send our customer the final report for shipment.


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