Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sino Mould Co. Ltd - A Professional PET Mould Supplier in China

Pet perform mould is one kinds of the well sale mould in China, now more and more customer buy PET moulds from China, it led to a big growth of PET mould supplier. And we are one of the PET mould suppliers in China, but we not only offer our customer a PET perform mould, but a good PET molding solution.

With 20 years’ developing, now we are not a simple PET mould supplier, we have our own mould manufacture and injection molding machine manufacture, as well as our own hot runner brand. We have ability to help customer set a company for PET preform molding and bottle production.

As a professional PET mould supplier in China, all of our sales people have mastered a certain degree of technical, so do not worry about the communication problems, if you have any inquiry and questions, our sales engineers can reply you at first time.

Our sales engineer can offer you a solution for PET production line. Here we have simple example.

If a customer want to make PCO 28mm 37g preform, and he need to make 80000-90000 preform per day, then we can work out how many cavity he need for mould, and how big injection machine they need. If the customer work 20 hours in one day, 85000/20/60=70.8, it means he need to make at least 70. 8 pcs preform in one minute, and for 37g preform, the cycle time is around 20 seconds, it means we can make 3 shots in one minute, so 70.8/3=23.6. The result shows that the customer need to make 24 cavities for that 37.5 g preform. And for that PET mould, injection weight is important when we choose the injection machine, 37g x 24 =888g, because machine injection weight is according to PS material, so when we calculate PET weight, we need to multiply by 1.35 (PET density). So when we choose the injection machine, the injection capacity should be more than 1200g. And then, we choose auxiliary machines according to the injection and production capacity, such as, auto loader, dryer, chiller, crusher, mixer, cooling tower etc.

Above is an extremely simple example. If any customer has a big production capacity, he will need multi cavity PET mould and it will have multi option for production line. For example, if customer needs to make 96 cavities mould to reach his capacity, he also can choose 2 sets 48 cavity mould, and using 2 small machines.

About the design, we have a professional design team, we can offer you suggestion about the PET preform design, and make PET preform design according to the bottle. Besides we have ability to make bottle design, and make bottle design according to customers’ conception. We have different types of standard perform design for water bottle. Most PET mould supplier in China will not make complete mould design, but we will make all our mould design in details including hot runner system, every screw and even seal ring.

Usually, other PET mould supplier will not have service to go out for testing mould and machine, but Sino Mould Co. Ltd has a service team, their obligation is travel for help our customer set up whole equipment, of course, customer can send engineer or technical person here, we can training them.

Even our customer don’t know any technical about the PET production, just make us know the detail requirements, then we will work out the mould cavity, recommend the suitable injection machine model, and auxiliary equipment, and list out the option solution for choose. Lots of PET mould supplier just knows PET mould, but they don’t know which solution is better for customer, we have an absolute advantage on this point. So we are not only PET mould supplier, we are PET molding solution supplier.


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