Saturday, 24 November 2012

SINOMOULD offers a qualified Plastic Molds Manufacturing Services in China

Plastic molds manufacturing usually including mold design, mold tooling, and mold testing.

Mold design is very important in molds manufacturing, because all following mold tooling will be strictly according to the mold design.

Usually plastic mold manufacture can make the product design for the customer; of course, they also can check the customers’ product design according to the molds manufacturing requirements. For some product, we could not make design the same as real sample, because we should consider shrinkage, deformation, and remolding after molding.

Injection Mold maker will make the mold design according suitable injection machine parameter. For example, Clamping force, ejector distance & force max. & min. mold size etc. Usually one mold has various options mold design, it mainly reflects in mold running system, ejection system, and mold structure. A professional mold maker not only offers you a workable mold, they will consider the production efficiency during the mold design and plastic molds manufacturing. For example, the will try to make the waste runner small to reduce waste material, they will make best cooling system to reduce the cycle time, in that way, customer can make more products in the same time.

In general, a good mold design should have reasonable runner system, optimized cooling system, simple structure, save and stable ejector system…Mold design embodies mold makers experience and specialization degree.

With a good mold design, we can start the mold tooling. Here are some common and major processing steps: CNC milling, wire cutting, EDM, boring, drilling, and surface treatment…But only with good tooling machine is not enough, experienced mold maker known what machine tooling way is best suitable for molds manufacturing. For example, some hole in mold, we can use wire cutting tooling, and also we can use drilling machine; for words on the mold surface, we can make it by chemical corrosion, as well as laser lettering; some small engraving can be replaced by EDM tooling and so on. Any way the accuracy of the tooling machine will directly affect the quality of the mold, so lots of precision tooling machine is used in mold finishing step.

Besides these tooling machines, inspection machine is very necessary, a good mold maker will control every tooling step in molds manufacturing, after precision tooling, we need to make inspection to check if the machine tooling is in place. After mold finished machine tooling, fitting is very important molds manufacturing procedure. Good tooling will make the mold size very close to the design, but the mold still need to fitting on the machine, it will make the product in good appearance, and make mold testing more smoothly.

After finished mold tooling and mold fitting, we will test the mold. We consider the testing as molds manufacturing because we hope to check the mold problem during the mold testing.

If we test the mold carefully, we could not find out all mold problems, and it may bring us risk in the future production. Customer will use different injection machine to run the mold, so we should make sure the mold can running in different condition. We can use high speed, high injection pressure to test plastic mold, most defects will appear out under that kind of testing; if we can find the mold problem in outside, it is easy for us to solve the problem.

In addition, before ship the mold to customer, SINO MOULD usually makes simulative operation for 2-4 hours according to different mold; it will make sure we can offer a qualified mold to our customer.

A professional mold maker will control molds manufacturing strictly, to make sure they can offering customer a good mold solution.


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