Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Rate of Increase in China Mold Industry is Optimistic

Mold application field is expanding rapidly, China Molds industry development is very  outstanding.The develop speeding is much faster than the other manufacturing industries,China mold industry has become a universal law ,meet the need of world plastic injection mold market. In recent years,china mold is welcomed by the world market,more and more foreigner company procurement is apparent.

Face with the international mold market, China mold industry have more opportunity and also challenge.It is obvious,China mold have a large space, we have confidence and support China mold.

China mold need to improve competitiveness:

At present time, China mold is faced with the dual pressure ,the technological advantages of developed countries and the price advantage of developing countries. The international perspective, industry country holds the tachincal and business advantage have competitive advantage at the high-end mold.China mold industry face a big challenge. India,Tailand and eastern european countries mold industry development is very rapid in recent years.They have stronge competitive advantage of the price.As to China mold industry, the cost and price advantage will gradually decrease and eventually disappear.

China mold manufacturers must improve enterprise technology, management and personnel training work, actively introduce foreign advanced mold manufacturing technology,in order to improve the ability of mold development of high-end products, adjust product structure, mold, mold products, constantly improve the international competitiveness of our country,China mold industry. In this way, our China mold industry can make stable development.

The rate of increase in China mold industry is optimistic:

China national economy will maintain rapid growth during the peroid of ”11th five-year plan”, it is a reliable macroscopic support to the China mold industry. Automobile, IT, electronics, household appliances, OA office equipment, machinery and building materials industry, aerospace, mold needs a large number of electric tools, household appliances and electronic information industry ,a refrigerator need about 150 mould, for example, require total about 350 sets of mould; For fully automatic washing machine is more than 150 sets of China mould needs;An air conditioning needs more than 20set of plastic mold. China mold will achieve the repaid development as expected.  

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