Thursday, 31 October 2013

Chinese Mould Makers Become More and More Popular All Over the World

Sino Mould Company Limited is a subsidiary company of Sino Holding Group Company Limited, which is pretty specialize in injection moulds, blowing mould, die-casting mould and so on. Sino Mould is one of the best Chinese mold maker. We put plenty of manpower, material and financial resources into development of mould. especially, as the company develops, we open up some new projects, such as SINO-PM 5H injection molding machine, SHG foldable crate production line, electronic products, etc. 5H means high speed, high stability circulation ability, high safety, high injection precision, high energy saving. It is widely used for general food thin-wall packaging containers, which are made of PP, PE, PS, huge quantity plastic components which need high performance continues high speed molding, computer or other IT industrial precision components molding, the material such as POM, PA, PBT, PC, engineering precision components. We start SHG foldable crate production line from 2012, because of our highlight injection molding technology, inspection quality control standard. 
Up to now, Chinese mould maker’s development at top speed. They are faced with serious competitiveness. In order to keep powerful advantages, Sino mould bought more than 70000 square meter new land to expand production ability and improve management mechanism and level. At the beginning of 2010 year, Sino mould bough more than USD6, 000,000 new processing and measuring equipments from Germany, Italy and Japan. Not all of the investments will increase mould cost, to the contrary, these investments increased quality, reduce manpower resource, minimize delivery time. So all the attempt we made add up to higher competitive, lower Sino mould price, higher quality and shorter delivery time. 

Mould  becomes more and more popular all over the world, especially Chinese mould maker. Welcome to make orders to Chinese mould maker, it is obviously wise. Your competitors buy moulds from China, your lay out is about 30%-80% than them. 

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