Monday, 2 September 2013

BMC Molds from China- The Perfect Example of Durability

BMC stands for Bulk Moulding Compound or Bulk Moulding Composite. It is a thermoset polyester with reinforced glass fibers, stabilizers and various inert fillers including pigments and is very widely used in processes like injection molding and compression molding. It is a thick, viscous mass. The BMC molds China are highly strengthened due to the glass fibers which gives it additional advantage over the conventional thermoplastic stuff.

Properties like corrosion resistance, stain resistance, electrical insulation, control of dimensions, color stability, mechanical strength etc can be varied depending upon the application for which the BMC is to be used.  This has led to the development of a number of variants of BMC. Some of the common applications of BMC include preparation of molds for electrical equipment like household electrical appliances, car components and in large industries. The BMC material comes in bags as well as slugs. It can be mixed with the glass material using three different mixers namely, screw mixer, sigma blender and plough blade mixer which will produce a uniform and high quality consistent BMC product. Once the blending is done, the BMC can be molded into desired shape with the help of sophisticated molding machines. 

The BMC molds manufactured in China are fast gaining popularity especially due to their high durability. Many manufacturers have come up with a wide variety of customized variants of BMC molds to suit the needs of various industries. They provide necessary suggestions to the customer about the proper characteristics of the BMC mold so that they get the product which is economical and has a long life. 

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