Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How to custom molds and establish plastic molding production line

When you want to built a new factory for plastic molding production , or you want to join the plastic product manufacture ,the potential investment ,you should considered the following two points.

1.      The product we focused on has the good market and you have already got the client resources? 

2.      How to reduce the risk when you just start the investment and you don’t know the money you put will back or not.

For the first point, it is easy for you to get the answer .You only need to do the market investigate and do some promotion.

For the second one, you should prepare many things .Such as,

Design plastic product, find out the good supplier for the molds to design the mould and make the mould, find the suitable equipments you need for the plastic molding production line, get the factory, find the engineer who can help you to built the factory and function the equipments with good conditions ….

Maybe the biggest problem you will meet is H0W TO CUSTOM MOLDS and HOW TO ESTABLISH THE PLASTIC MOLDING PRODUCTION LINE by yourself.

You should be professional in molds, injection, design … it is not easy.
However, you can find a good CUSTOM MOLDS company or CUSTOM MOLDS manufacture to help you to solve this headache problem.
You can show them the sample and they will finish the following steps for you:
Quote the cost, design the product, do the mould design, make the molds, test the molds, send you the testing sample, ship it to you the molds.
What’s more, you should start to find the equipments for the production line before the mould shipped to you.
All the professional CUSTOM MOLDS Company will need the equipments information; so that they can design the molds according to the equipments you have and help you to reduce the cost in production.

Then, you should prepare the equipments for the plastic molding production line in your factory.

Many types of equipment you should buy for a molding production line:

1.      injection machine
2.      Auxiliary equipments for plastic molding ,such as autoloader ,chiller ,mold temperature controller ,crusher ,cooling tower ,dryer …
3.      Robot, maybe you want a fully automatic production line, the robot is necessary.
4.      Factory devices, for example, drive, water system, electricity system, the store, the drainage system and so on.

If you don't have any experience in this field and you need the TURN KEY PROJECT SERVICE, maybe you can find a professional plastic molding company in China.

We can recommend you a company who can offer MOLDS CUSTOM, PRODUCTION LINE TUREN KEY SERVICE manufacture in China, named SINO HOLDINGS GROUP.

Finally, hope all of you will have a bright business in the year 2013.


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